What I did this weekend

From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Mon Jan 12 02:46:23 1998

A busy weekend, actually.

1) I took pictures of a bunch of systems:
     Atari Portfolio
     Radio Shack Model 100
     Epson HX-20
     NEC PC-8401a
     GRiD GRiDCase 3
     NEC PC-8201A
     Apple Mac Portable
     Hewlett-Packard LS/12
     Data General DG One
     Altima 2
     IBM PC Radio
     Amstrad PPC640
     Osborne 01
     Compaq Portable 386
     GRiD GRiDPad 1910
     Hewlett-Packard 75D
     Amstrad PenPad PDA600
     Panasonic Sr. Partner

2) Got them developed

3) bought a Land Rover (actually, 2)

4) wrote a system to automatically generate web pages for each of my
computers based on simple data files. It uses 4 data files: Text,
Resources, misc. Data, and Image list. There are a handful of template
files used to build the actual web page. So all I have to do is come up
with some text about the computer and lists of related links, images and
specs to generate the web page.

So, expect me to be asking about some of my systems in the near future.

And, if anyone is interested in using this program, let me know. It's
written in QBasic for DOS (Is that 10 years old?) but could probably be
ported to just about anything. (In fact, I'll bet Perl or Cobol would be
even better for some things.)

You can see a sample of the layout it generates at
<http://www.sinasohn.com/clascomp/m100.htm>. Note, the pics aren't there.
I'd love to get any feedback anyone cares to offer.


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