From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Jan 12 12:35:47 1998

<>the latest. I know as the cover of my issue has the last of MITS number
<>and a $1300 total and a mailing date in december 1974.
< What do you mean "the last of MITS numbers and a $1300 total" ?

No not quite, it was the first of the line if anything and early on to
boot as I had it in my hands by January 15! Last was supposed to be list.

< That's my point. The IBM was already being produced at that point and
<being delivered shortly thereafter. Altair was still using the prototyp
<machine and just starting to sell bags of parts as "kits".

Keep in mind the cover of PE was composed and at the printer in in
september-october 1974 time frame if not earlier to meet the publication
schedule if it was to arrive in my home by mid December 1974!.

I should point out that the 8080 by then had been in production about a
year at that point.

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