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Date: Mon Jan 12 13:32:22 1998

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Joe wrote:

> Phillip said:
> >
> >Um. What date was the Casio AL1000? For that matter, what date was the
> >AL2000? OK, the AL1000 had nixie tubes in the display, so was not all
> >solid state, but it comes close, I'm sure. (Other people have commented
> >on the HP 9100 and the earlier Busicoms)
> Ahhh, a Casio expert! When was the Casio AS-8D made? I just picked one
> up. I had never seen one before and I thought it looked interesting.
> >
> >We've also had some strange definitions of Personal Computer flying
> >around here. One I don't like, but am going to comment on anyway, is
> >the "system, terminal and video circuitry all in one box" definition. I
> >don't think it quite makes it, but personal loyalty compels me to put in
> >a word for the Tektronix 4051. This was announced in November 1975 (I
> >think - have to look this up). I've never seen one but I get the
> >impression the prototype was a Tek graphics terminal with a 6800
> >development system stuck in the bottom of the case... Anyway, Tek 4051
> >was intended as single user, one-to-a-desk graphics micro, so I claim it
> >is a "personal computer".
> >
> >And if you're interested in portability, a carrying case was an option
> >you could buy.
> I was just reading an old (ca 1977) Byte magazine this morning and it
> had a article about the Tek 4051. I think they said it had just been
> discontinued. E-mail me if you're interested.
> Joe

More likely superceded by the 4052, which used a bit-slice processor
rather than the MC6800 that the 4051 used. There were some other minor
improvements also, as I recall.

The 4051 might also qualify for the race of an early personal computer if
its $10,000 cost doesn't put it out. It was programmed in the nicest
BASIC that I have ever run across! Marvellous vector graphics. But
SLOOOOOW! The real queen, though, was the 4053 with its 19" (17"?) screen!

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