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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Mon Jan 12 20:45:52 1998

>those "encryption standards" last summer.... wiped out any chance of brain
>activity in DC, outside of businesses....
Was there any brain activity before that? 8^)

Well, one thing that is often forgotten is that the internet (or arpanet or
something) was developed so that the US DOD could have a computer network
that wouldn't die if one node when down. Which, of course, can be used
against the feds, should they try and censor things.

There's no reason I couldn't set up a server in a closet which, at a
special, pre-arranged time, would call a server in, say, Portland to pick up
the mail that was collected by calling a server in vancouver, etc. (Anyone
ever heard of Fido?)

Unfortunately, we (in the US) would lose a lot of what has made the 'net
indispensable for a lot of people. Singapore censors stuff coming in via
the mail (dunno about the 'net); we might very well end up the same way, if
they really screw things up (cut off from the freedom-loving world.)

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