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Date: Mon Jan 12 20:46:50 1998

At 09:31 AM 1/11/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> first personal computer (I think I know that one)

>own research you will tend to agree. Some will argue that the Apple ][

I think you mean the Apple 1.

>> first portable computer
>Again, same problem. Define "portable". Allison carted, what was it, a
>PDP-8 across a bridge some years ago. She got funny looks, but she
>"ported" her computer elsewhere. However, I believe this one goes to the
>IBM 5100. However, did I hear grumblings of something portable pre-dating
>even the 5100? Like something from HP in the early 70s?

I think if you consider the 5100 a portable, then so should you consider the
PDP-8. The 5100, while more *convenient* to move, perhaps, than, say, an
Altair, is hardly all that portable. It's listed as 50lbs (a stretch even
for me) and has no handle. You tell me how that's a portable? (It's much
like a TRS-80 Model III, only flatter. I think the III is lighter though.)

I vote for the STM Baby.

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