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Date: Tue Jan 13 05:22:45 1998

William Donzelli wrote:

> is implemented using over a thousand gate arrays. The amazing thing is
> that IBM was able to get all of those _hot_ chips working in such a
> small space (about a cubic foot, maybe two).
> Yes, I lust for a S/360 or 370, and would even settle for a 3033 or 3081.

Me too! But I think a 4381, say or even a 9370, would be easier to work
on. Why? The 308X and 3090 (and I think also the 303X, although I know
less about them) were _water cooled_. Maybe I am biassed as an
electrical engineer, but I think that anything with water in it is bound
to make a mess sooner or later...

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