Lisa System Date

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 06:08:19 1998

<Kip Crosby wrote:
<>Huh? You mean 1995 was the last year a Lisa's sysclock could register?
<>How, i. e. from when and with what ticks, was the clock set up?
<Yeah, pretty amazing isn't it. Now that's what I call planned obsolecenc
<My Lisa 2/5 works great once I figured out in what order to turn everythi
<on. One slight problem the date will be wrong, the whole time I own it.

The most common cause its that the date(year) is only stored as a single
digit and it's added to the date of creation of the system. This is very
common! For some systems this is a two digit number but at 2000 it rolls
around to 1900. FYI the common PDP-8 OS OS/8 happens to also have this
problem every 7 years for using only three bits for the year portion of
the date.

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