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>The CPC's were the first Amstrads that I know of, they were commercialized
>in Europe.
>They are basically just a Keyboar type computer that plugs into a monitor
>they also had an integrated tape player for the earlier models and a 3 1/2"
>drive for the later models (before the PC compatibles). I don't remember the
>exact number but I think that the CPC6128 was the last of the series.

A bit more info in case anyone is interested. :) The CPC's were
developed by Alan Sugar, who controlled Amstrad at the time, in England.
They were pretty much unique, because although there had been rumours,
the poress conference where they were announced not only had production
CPCs but also a range of completed commercial software - very different
from Sir Clive Sinclair's announcements. Anyway, yes - the keyboard is
seperate and contains the computer, but the power supply is in the
monitor. There was an external power supply available in combination with
a TV output box, but from my experience these are quite rare. So if you
do get one make sure you get the monitor with it. The monitors are quite
good, and are either colour or monochrome.

There were three models - the CPC464, CPC664 and CPC6128. The 464 had
64k, a tape drive built in next to the keyboard, and colourful keys. The
664 also had 64k, but it also had the 3" (note - not 3.5") disc drive,
and the keys weren't quite so colourful (I think the cursor keys were
blue). The 6128 has 128k, the 3" drive, and boring keys - it was the
buisiness version. I have a couple of 6128's, but none of the earlier
models (yet).

They were mostly used as games machines, and were quite good, although
there was a very well regarded wordprocessor on them - TasWord, I think
it was called. They sold well in Australia and England, as well, or so I
gathered, in Germany under a different name. Keep in mind though that if
you get a 664 or 6128 the drive probably won't work - the fan belts wore
out, and as a result the drive keeps slipping. I'm told that a rubber
band (OO, possibly) is a good replacement.

Oh, and they're black. :)
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