ISIS-II - what to do with it?

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 18:30:35 1998

> Actually, I've always wanted to get my hands on one of those heathkit
> gibbyframmers (with the Moto6800 CPU, six digit 7-segment LED display and
> hex keyboard, etc. etc.) as I used one in college and had a barrel o'
> monkeys interfacing things to it 'cause it was so easy.

I have the short-lived low-end version of that unit in the cardboard box. I
saw it in the Heathkit catalog, scraped some money together and bought it.
I didn't see it in the next catalog. Mine is serial #8.

This version of the unit only has half the memory of the one with the
protoboard on the front: 256 bytes instead of 512 bytes. It also doesn't
have the protoboard: just a keypad and six-digit hex display. There is
a spot for an expansion connector on the inside, but I never did anything
with it (I tried, though; I ordered a pair of 1Kx4 SRAMs from Radio Shack.
6 months later, _one_ of my two SRAMs arrived. The guy at Radio Shack didn't
understand why I didn't want to buy just the one. The other SRAM never did

I've not fired it up recently, but it worked last time I did.

Roger Ivie
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