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Date: Tuesday, January 13, 1998 8:32 PM
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>At 09:45 PM 1/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>> No handles??? 'Tain't a Portable then!
>Whups, forgot the 8^)
>>Hmmm, maybe having handles isn't the best criteria for determining if a
>>machine is portable.
>Panasonic Sr. Partner: Handle
>Apple Mac Portable: Handle
>HP LS/12: Handle
>Altima 2: Handle
>Good Composer: Handel
>Amstrad PPC640: Handle
>Bondwell B310+: Handle
>Osborne 01: Handle
>(Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Commodore Sx-64 Handle
Kaypro I Handle
Kaypro II Handle
Kaypro16 Handle
IBM portable PC Handle
Compac Portable Handle
MAC toaster style Handle (yes on top of the unit)(Oops does that make it a

(I couldn't resist either)

Francois Auradon.
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>>It seems that portable machines are those which the manufacturer built
>>to be easily picked up (in some cases without grunting too loudly) and
>>to another location to be used. This holds for suitable values of
>>Yes, Roger. I know you were kidding.
>Aw, shucks. I thought I had ya fooled. 8^)
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