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Date: Tue Jan 13 17:05:23 1998


> At 08:20 PM 1/12/98 +0000, you wrote:
> >Well, this specs is for that desktop model 70-E61 and $40 seems bit
> I agree then. I'm not too up on the IBM numbering scheme.
Thanks, I will visit the seller again and see how thing happens next.
> >Hee hee...this is desktop which is called model 70 and the portable
> >lunchbox is P70 which uses 386 either 16 or 20mhz (ahem...sleepy
> I've got a P70 then. (Not sure if it's 16 or 20mhz.)

If you give me the model number, it's on your label somewhere with 4
number, a dash then 3 number code, I will tell you what it's usually
stock configuration and it's speed? I have the hefty book on this
and too much info to take.

> >performance and no cache.) The P75 is also lunchbox in same way
> >BUT, it's real, honest 486DX 33 machine with scsi interface and
> >plasma display to boot. That is one I would like to have.
> Hmmm... Me too.
Gee.. :)

One comment: I wished....IBM did:
None have produced in early generation of PS/2 series faster than
25mhz anything. And design PS/2 ISA or PCI with 486 and has cache
but it did not pan out as I wished! :) But 90 models and XP series
uses processor card with different designs for each CPU type, XGA
that no one likes. Weirdo PS/2 and $$$. :( Those PS/1 and
valuepoints are still expensive through because they're still useful
especially ones that has cache and has socketed 486dx or dx2 66.
Some had Tseng et4000 which makes them really good game machines.

> Y'know, I once saw an honest-to-god IBM stand-alone plasma monitor in a
> surplus shop. 17" I think (or thereabouts). Pretty neat, but priced a
> little high.
Price? If you could recall? :)

Jason D.
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