From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 00:57:18 1998

;-) John Higginbotham head-scratched, yawned, then typed:

>I used mine NASA-style sometimes: Velcro'd to any flat surface. Slight
>change of subject: Does anyone know exactly what the first laptop to
>accompany shuttle astronauts into space was? I hear it's the GRiD Compass
>1100. I had that very model up until last week when I traded for a GRiD
>1535exp w/docking tray.

If you're talking commercial laptop, I believe it was the Radio Shack Model
100. It was one of only two commercial laptops ever certified for Space
Shuttle travel. Heck, lots of the newer Puntium laptops can't even be used
on airplanes anymore, for criminies sake! How can you play cribbage across
the Atlantic if you can't even spark 'er up??? ;-)

[[ Trivia: The Model 100 held the record in Guiness for a long, long time
as the commercial computer with the most miles of travel -- just because of
it's Shuttle savvy. ]]

(I did just that with my T200 on my way to Germany during the 8 hour
trans-Atlantic flight.)

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