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Aside from the oldie topics:

About liberettos;

Things have happened and many guys have upgraded and hacked their
liberettos successfully. Now has 1gb or more (requires slim 2.5"
hd's in there) and loads of ram like 32mb or more not world-jerky, hd
killer 8mb and o/c'ed them to 100mhz and they have gotten linux in
'em successfully as well.

IBM did stopped producing those PC110's, 486 machines I
think. Boo. :( There's another lightweights weight such as aero,
T100X, TI2000 (sweet huge screen but battery life is joke and
brain-dead 286).

I think that today's is Libertto's so popular as Aero's used to be
similar to Bug car in 70's. :) Unrealated to this, main issue
especially for linux user is specific video chipset, Negomagic, found
in many current and in production notebooks are UNSUPPORTED because
that stupid company won't help them with info even offered payment.
Also the I20 as well. Hint: remember Diamond.

Back to oldie stuff now...

And, hey, all portable *ARE* bulky anyway even my Luddite is very
thick and heavy. Even the T1000 early one is clusmy too.
My opinion is that IBM 5100 is the winner for most heaviest and
unprotected portable. Even modern smallest desktops with built-in
UPS measured in minutes and a small self-powered monitor is stil far
from portable item. :)

> ;-) Francois Auradon head-scratched, yawned, then typed:

Snip about moaning about bulkiness.
> [nip]
> John, *all* pentium notebooks are bulkier than an M100 (under 4 pounds &
> fits in a small briefcase) -- AAMAF, the only Pentium based system I've
> seen that even comes close (and if it beats the M100 it's not by much) is
> the Toshiba Liberetto (IIRC) which was P75 based, 8M RAM & either a 540 or
> 850 Meg H.D. (Don't remember which one.)

This is original configurations since then, Toshiba are now selling
updated configurations with more stuff in them.

> Otherwise, all of the Pentium books are the incredible hulk compared to an
> M100/T102/T200.
snip about handles..

I wouldn't have any handles on anyway. Reasonably good idea this way
so users are forced to hold it carefully and stuff their portables
into padded bags/cases. Handles invites accidents and some swing
around too easily, bang into other objects that could crack/break
screens and hard drives like that, handles breaks, *CRASH!*


> See ya,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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Take care eveybody then!

Jason D.
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