Amstrads in the US

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Date: Wed Jan 14 07:04:40 1998

Francois Auradon wrote:

> I have the complete set on mine: software neat case, manual (in French
> :) )and Power supply (220v :( )I would be interested in finding a US power
> supply as I don't think the machine can run for very long on the 10 alkaline
> bateries.

When I went to the US recently, I built my own 110/220V converter. I
found a small (10VA) transformer that had dual 120V primaries and wired
these as an autotransformer. Boxed it up in small wooden box and Bob's
your uncle.

PS If you can't work out how to do it from the above, don't try it
yourself, get someone with some more electrical knowledge :-)

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