Bubble Memory

From: Jeff Kaneko <Jeff.Kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Wed Jan 14 10:54:54 1998

> I did find a description of bubble memory:
> A type of non-volatile memory composed of a thin layer of material that can
> be easily magnetized in only one direction. When a magnetic field is
> applied to circular area of this substance that is not magnetized in the
> same direction, the area is reduced to a smaller circle, or bubble.
> It was once widely believed that bubble memory would become one of the
> leading memory technologies, but these promises have not been fulfilled.
> Other non-volatile memory types, such as EEPROM, are both faster and less
> expensive than bubble memory.
> - John Higginbotham
> - limbo.netpath.net

Yeah, I remember bubble memory. It seems like Fujitsu actually got
to work halfway decent. Despite the cost and speed limitations,
Fluke used it in their high-end E-Disk memories for the 1720 series
instrument controllers. SLow, expensive, but for awhile it was about
all you could use for mass storage in certain hostile environments.


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