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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 12:42:51 1998

At 11:05 PM 1/13/98 +0000, you wrote:
>If you give me the model number, it's on your label somewhere with 4
>number, a dash then 3 number code, I will tell you what it's usually
>stock configuration and it's speed? I have the hefty book on this
>and too much info to take.

I'll check it out and let you know -- It's actually in Concord (about 35
miles from here) being used to run an engine dyno something-or-other program
that my mechanic has. (His main computer's a mac.)

>One comment: I wished....IBM did:
>None have produced in early generation of PS/2 series faster than
>25mhz anything. And design PS/2 ISA or PCI with 486 and has cache
>but it did not pan out as I wished! :) But 90 models and XP series
>uses processor card with different designs for each CPU type, XGA
>that no one likes. Weirdo PS/2 and $$$. :( Those PS/1 and

My main problem with PS/2's is cost and scarcity of MCA cards and memory and

What I'd really like to find is an *affordable* compact
notebook/laptop/lunchbox with 1.5 (i.e., for a thick card) ISA expansion
slots to use as my voicemail machine. I thought I had that in my Altima 2,
but the *%$#_at_^% voicemail card has some components that stick out too far to
fit. My current machine ('286 desktop + composite monitor) is too noisy and
sucks up too much juice. (Oh, and battery power would be nice for when the
fuse blows.)

>> Y'know, I once saw an honest-to-god IBM stand-alone plasma monitor in a
>> surplus shop. 17" I think (or thereabouts). Pretty neat, but priced a
>> little high.
>Price? If you could recall? :)
I think it was about $150. I might pick it up now, at that price, but I saw
it before I started collecting computers.

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