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Date: Wed Jan 14 13:00:42 1998

At 12:42 PM 1/14/98 -0600, you wrote:

>I've been told that the m100 is one of two commercially produced computers
>certified for use on the shuttle. Never heard what the other was, but
>perhaps it's the grid?

It appears to be the GRiD, as seen in pictures here:

>See <> (I know you probably know about it, but
>others mightn't.)

Yeah, he's more of a GRiDPAD freak, I'm into the older 80's model laptops.
Speaking of which, I just received my GRiD 1535 EXP. It's real nice, even
had a docking tray that can fit one 8-bit ISA and one 16-bit ISA card in.

Magnesium Alloy casing just like any other true GRiD
386-??, 387 mathco
8mb RAM
42mb HD (3.5" IDE, internal)
2 ROM sockets up front, like the older GRiDCASE machines
CGA display (I think the backlight is out, if it had one. Kinda hard to
adjust the contrast just right, but since I know squat about backlights,
I'll leave it alone for now.)
Suprised it came with CGA. I'd have thought it would at least have mono
VGA, but I think that was the 1537 and above.

It'll make a nice little text based linux box when I get everything hooked
up. (I'll have to run a serial connection to transfer files since there's
no floppy to speak of. The floppy plugs into a standard db25 connector,
with one pin on the end filled in wth a plastic stopper. Anyone got a
floppy??? Anyone know if a different model external floppy would work?)

>(P.S. heard back from Ryan; he left my stuff with a friend to ship it when
>he moved, and the friend didn't. Meanwhile, he's stuck in the ice storms
>without power/heat/'net. At least its not lost!)

Looks like a real mess up north. Here in NC, the people panic when we get
4" of snow. (But let's not talk about snow, it may be taken as offtopic by
the fine upstanding members of this list.) :)

- John Higginbotham
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