From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 15:19:01 1998

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Uncle Roger wrote:

> Actually, an excellent point -- if the IBM 5100 is a portable, then, so too
> is the compact mac? Even more so I would think (what with the considerably
> lesser weight and addition of a handle?)

I don't see why not.. I've taken my SE/30 with me on trips to visit my
parents. I've even used it on the ferries here.

It's great to haul out this 'real computer' and then shoot supercillious
looks at all the commuter laptop-weenies as you mouse around and type a
thousand words a minute (as loudly as possible) on a full sized

Is it me or does the SE/30 just radiate good karma? There's just something
about it that makes it incredibly pleasant to use, even when its being
grumpy (and mine's about as grumpy as they come).

Whoops, these aren't quite 10 years old yet, being introduced January

Maybe I should try it with a Plus, next time. Or a 128k. (:

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