The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61

Date: Wed Jan 14 19:55:08 1998

this PS/2E is a desktop machine, but in a very small form factor, a bit bigger
and thicker than a modern laptop. it's a isa bus machine with one slot that is
used for the pcmcia adaptor. it was supposed to be marketed with an lcd, but
i've never seen one. the owner's manual shows it. with the two that i got,
they came with original boxes, documentation and disks and even a never opened
copy of pcdos 5.0! the good thing about ps2 machines is that not many know
about them. the seller thought they were no good and sold at a cheap price.
the first needed its passwoid jumper reset and the second machine's floppy
drive cable wasnt connected good causing a 165 post and wouldnt boot from the
start disk for a reconfig. it was still under warranty, so i just called in
where i worked, and had a floppy drive sent out under warranty. the machines
also have the keyboard with the mouse pointing stick built in which i like. i
gave one to my brother and the other i'm keeping. win95 not supported though,
but os2 2.1 and dos/win work fine. once i figure out pcmcia stuff, i plan to
ethernet it to the two modern wintel machines i have going now. it has power
management built in, and even locks in pcmcia cards for security. like most
ps2 machines, also has xga built in.

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<< A quick questions: Is that one of the "first Green Energy pc
 version" in a notebook sized tiny black box with a flat display
 panel? Well, we got excited over it but it was so weird and that
 weak 486SLC 33 cpu, I do have similar chip on a tiny motherboard by
 cyrix and it's dreadful slow even in DOOM, I had to keep it under
 half the size compared to my Luddite it did well one or two step
 above half way size o/c'ed to 25mhz and 4-way 4k cache enabled. But
 I did not remember this PS/2E cpu speed do you have the mhz speed?
 To have it that costs you 30 bux each for only about 5 years old
 thing, that is pretty lucky. What did you got with this pc in this
 deal? Funny, this Luddite is LTE 386s/20 sold as discontiuned in
 that '93 because you brought this year up reminded me. This notebook
 was first announced around early '92 or late '91. This notebook is
 still in use and sells around 100 to 200 with some s/w and stuff
 thrown in.
 Jason D.
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