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Date: Wed Jan 14 21:56:18 1998

If the price is too low then the item is not bought, if it is too high then
there is some magin to negociate with the seller. I've almost never paid the
asking price for anything (unless bought in a store) but usually hamfests
garage sales and flea markets are pretty flexible.
Let's say that I am looking for machine X and my max for it is $22, if you
find one for $25 it is possible to negotiate. Or we could set a price range.
Then there is the shipping, if I go to a hamfest with a list of 25 machines
that others are looking for and find let's say 7, they won't fit in my car
for one thing (I'll probably by stuff for me too;), and I have to package
them all and ship them etc...
Like I said I was only thinking about it. It may be feasible for a small
group of people but I don't think it could be open to all. (no
discriminations intended just practical stuff)
Anyways I believe that it is possible but you have to trust the people you
work with and limit the wishlist.

>The problem with this is determining how much one wants to pay for a
>particular system. You have to make sure in advance you know everyone's
>limit. Some people may not know what a reasonable price is, and may
>over-pay or put an unreasonable low limit on something they might want.
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