Amstrads in the US

From: Francois Auradon <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 22:07:53 1998

Well let me tell you a good/disgusting one: I spent 4 full days going from
junck store to junk store trying to find Classics. All 30 or so stores
visited told me the same story:
We do not keep them! We throw them out as soon as they come in! There is no
market for that kind of stuff.
I only found two classic in my search: the PPC512 through a coworker of my
brother in law and an Exelvision EXL100 at an Apple dealer (the guy was
stunned to have somebody come in and ask for classics, then remembered that
he had one in the warehouse from 10 years ago and had kindof forgot about
it). The only other on that I've seen was an atari 600XL at an outdoor
junkyard it had about an inch of dust on top of it and when I picked it up
some water poured out of it.
So I guess that the price I paid is only because the guy was happy to even
get money for it.
Oh yeah I also met a collector over there he had a used computer sotre
(PeeCee stuff) and he said they are hard to find but he knew a few places.
He never told me where.

If you are looking for french machine you'll have to go to the dumpsters or
knock on doors in order to find anything.

>Yes, but they aren't so _rare_ in France. Price and scarcity factors
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