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Date: Thu Jan 15 00:38:20 1998

This was just sent to me, and I am forwarding it unto you in case any of
y'all can help this guy out -- sounds like a good guy to me.

Please respond directly to him if you can help him out. Thanks!

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>From: Daniel S Kosack <kosack_at_wam.umd.edu>
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>Subject: Availability?
> I'm curious to know how available used T600's are. I have a T1400, but
>I think a T600 would actually be more useful considering I have no hard
>drive and DOS apps are large. I'm a big MS-Works 1.0 fan (I have the DOS
>version, which fits on multiple disks) so I think I would get along with a
>T600 just fine. I remember when they first came out, and I've got a few
>100's, so I'm somewhat familiar with the line.
> Thanks for any info. I'm in the greater Washington DC metro area
>(United States). If there are any used/refurb computer places you know of
>in that vacinity that may have one, I'd be interested. I'd be even more
>interested if I could possibly trade my 1400LT for one (it's not in the
>best of shape, bad battery and not so hot screen anymor and manuals are
>lost, but it works).
>Dan Kosack.

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