From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 00:05:05 1998

> connectors, like the 15-pin VGA connector in a E-size shell. A lot
> of my DG equipment uses an even higher density connector, 23 pins
> in the same shell. While the "subminiature" series is interchangable
> between manufacturers, the higher density versions often are often
> incompatible. (Take a look through the nearly 300 pages of connectors
> in a Newark catalog for many of the more common variations!)

The VGA connector is a DE-15 and is standard. There is also a high density
DB connector (44 pins, I think), used rarely.

It is true about the standards going out the window. Believe it or not,
Cisco jams _60_ pins into a DA connector.

The D connector is an oldie - it was used by the military for many years
in aircraft radio and radar gear. I once (may still have) had a chart with
just about all of the variations of the standard (probably a MIL-C-
thingie), including the weird ones with coax and high current pins.

The only weird variation to survive is the DB-13W3, used for Sun video.

William Donzelli
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