Amstrads in the US

From: Francois Auradon <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 11:38:14 1998

> Why don't you just leave your phone number with them and ask them to
>call you when that stuff comes in. Tell them that you'll take it instead of
>them filling up their trash with it. I'll bet they'll do it.
> Joe

The problem is that I don't think they would be willing to make a $10 phone
call in order to sell a $20 computer.
Plus the trip to go get the machines would add an extra $600 to the price of
the machine.
I live in Minnesnowta:)
Otherwise it might be possible (even though some of them told me that
instead I should call regularly and maybe I would get lucky) for somebody
living in France. I asked my brother in law to check once in a while (but
then again this is NOT HIS hobby).
Francois Auradon.
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