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From: Francois Auradon <francois.auradon_at_worldnet.att.net>
Date: Thu Jan 15 11:48:28 1998

Tat goes without saying: placing a machine in a want list is also an
engagement to purchase it. Otherwise the system would not work for too long.
There should be an update prior to each outing to make sure that the
machines are still wanted.
let's say I'm going to a hamfest next WE, I post the info on that mailing
list (for the ones that want to be part of the ring), then I get requests
and bring the list of wanted with me. If i find one of the machines I buy it
and let the party interested know about it. If I get an I don't want it
anymore response I don't thinl I'll be looking for more of the guy's stuff.
And I'll make sure that everybody knows about it.
> Another problem is knowing if they still want the item. If you tell me
>that you want an X-computer and I buy one for you 2 months later I don't
>want to hear that you've changed your mind or that you've already found
> If anyone isn't going to take the stuff that they said they wanted then
>don't post a message saying that you want it. If you post a "wanted"
>message then you're obligated to take it when someone gets it for you.
> Joe
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