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Date: Thu Jan 15 13:49:14 1998

Joe wrote:
> At 07:16 PM 1/14/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Francois Auradon wrote:
> >
> >> Actually I was thinking of starting a collector buying ring: Everybody
> going
> >> to a hamfest or thing like that let the other ones know and take orders.
> >> That way we can get machines that were not too popular in an area.
> >> Thanks for the help.
> >
> >The problem with this is determining how much one wants to pay for a
> >particular system. You have to make sure in advance you know everyone's
> >limit. Some people may not know what a reasonable price is, and may
> >over-pay or put an unreasonable low limit on something they might want.
> >
> >Sam Alternate e-mail:
> dastar_at_siconic.com
> Another problem is knowing if they still want the item. If you tell me
> that you want an X-computer and I buy one for you 2 months later I don't
> want to hear that you've changed your mind or that you've already found
> one.
> If anyone isn't going to take the stuff that they said they wanted then
> don't post a message saying that you want it. If you post a "wanted"
> message then you're obligated to take it when someone gets it for you.
> Joe

Perhaps a web site might be more useful, listing what people want and
how much they are willing to pay. An entry on the page should oblige
that person to accept that item at no more than the stated price.

Of course as in any real time multiprocessing system deadlocks and other
nasties are bound to happen.

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