Amstrads in the US

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Date: Thu Jan 15 18:00:08 1998


  It IS tough to find the old machines. It takes time to learn which
places have them and which ones don't. I've been here in Oralndo for 15
years and I'm just now learning where some of these places are. Most trift
stores don't bother with them, we have lots of trift stores here in town
but only two of them really have any of the computers. The others may have
an occasional computer but the older it is, the more likely they are to
just throw it out and not even put it on the shelf. My advice is the get a
phone book and call around, it'll save you a lot of wasted time. Also go
find some ham radio operators and ask them were you can find old computers.
 They've been a great source of leads for me. In fact, I usually go to all
the area hamfests with one of them. It works out real well since we have
similar interests but our interests are different enough that we don't
compete with each other.


At 01:19 PM 1/15/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I believe something got lost in the discussion, I was talking about French
>machines in France!
>I don't really have a problem finding some computers in the Twin cyties but
>waht I was looking for during my stay in the Hexagone was machines like the
>Oric1, Oric Atmos, Sinclair Spectrum, Thompson MO5, TO7, TO8 etc... And I
>was just saying that they are near impossible to find.
>I think my inLaw would be willing to help but he also has his own interests
>and looking for conputers around is definately not one of them. He may let
>me know if he stumbles on one but I can't blame him for not making it a
>I guess I was expecting to find systems at every corners and was fairly
>disapointed not to be able to find one store (junkyard, used computer store,
>thrift shop) that had at least a few.
>> Oh I guess you live out in the sticks somewhere. I WISH I had that
>> Can you have them call your brother in law and have him pick them up and
>>save them for you. Or he can take the massages and hold them till you come
>>to town IF the trift is willing to willing to leave them sitting around
>>until you come to town.
>> Joe
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