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Date: Thu Jan 15 20:12:50 1998

At 01:59 AM 1/14/98 +0000, you wrote:
>And, hey, all portable *ARE* bulky anyway even my Luddite is very

Not all portables are bulky -- m100, portfolio, Geneva, Starlet, etc. all
come to mind.

>thick and heavy. Even the T1000 early one is clusmy too.

But nowhere like the 5100.

>My opinion is that IBM 5100 is the winner for most heaviest and
>unprotected portable. Even modern smallest desktops with built-in

I dunno about most unprotected, but I used to have a Centronics 101 portable
printer that was tough for even *me* to lift! And the Sony 17" portable
display unit my atari club has could probably give the 5100 a run for its
money weightwise.

>I wouldn't have any handles on anyway. Reasonably good idea this way
>so users are forced to hold it carefully and stuff their portables
>into padded bags/cases. Handles invites accidents and some swing
>around too easily, bang into other objects that could crack/break
>screens and hard drives like that, handles breaks, *CRASH!*

Or you could make it well enough that that wouldn't matter... 8^)

Besides, you put a handle on an IBM 5100, turn around quick, and you could
*kill* someone! 8^)

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