Uncles/PC-C64c file transfers

From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Fri Jan 16 08:58:09 1998

John Higginbotham <higginbo_at_netpath.net> wrote:
>Okay, so I have a C-64c, 1541 floppy, and monitor. Now how exactly would I
>go about downloading programs from the internet on my PC machine and
>porting them over to the Commodore? Will I need a special serial cable?

Browse some C-64 web pages, you'll find lots of info about this.
There are one or two emerged-standard parallel to DIN cables like
"X1541" that you can easily craft (given the right connectors -
I got lucky and found the right DIN in the junk box) that connect
your PC printer port directly to the 1541. Works like a charm.

I've also used a freeware utility on the Amiga that requires a
tweak of the drive speed motor on a 5 1/4 drive, and that works
OK, too. The 1541 is better, though, but you'll find a lot of
bad sectors and out-of-spec disks on the C-64.

- John
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