Amstrads in the US

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Date: Fri Jan 16 10:39:56 1998

> OK I'll get an EE to help me out. Did you ever used that with a monitor? is
> the 60 Hz vs 50 Hz a problem?
>>When I went to the US recently, I built my own 110/220V converter. I
>>found a small (10VA) transformer that had dual 120V primaries and wired
>>these as an autotransformer. Boxed it up in small wooden box and Bob's
>>your uncle.

As Tony pointed out, 50/60 Hz shouldn't be a problem.

HOWEVER, it should be pointed out that the transformer must be capable
of carrying the power. I used a 10VA transformer to power the one or
two devices that had 240V only. To run monitors and things, you'd need
100VA or so. Transformers do exist for just this sort of purpose, upto
about 2kVA, but V. heavy!

(Rule of thumb for switchmode power supplies - Look at ower consumption
and assume 1VA = 0.6W)

Finally, a tranformer designed for 60Hz must be derated to a lower
VOLTAGE when used at 50Hz.

I hope that hasn't got you all too confused.

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