Anybody know wha this is? DEC

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Jan 16 20:28:42 1998


  I picked more stuff today and found some DEC hard drives in the pile.
Can anyone tell me what size they are and what machines they're for? I
*think* they may be out of a Vax, but that's a guess.

They're all full height 5 1/4" drives and they weigh a ton. The first one
is marked "digital RZ55" and has a sticker that says "1041080-08-9" and it
appears to have a SCSI interface. The second one appears to have a ST-506
interface and is a Maxtor drive and is marked "RD54-A" and "30-26245-01"
and "RQDX 3".

  I also picked up a couple of keyboards that I think might be for a DEC.
The first one is a large keyboard marked "TS 803". It has 16 Pf keys along
the top and a separate numeric keypad. It's gray on top and white on the
bottom. The second keyboard is from digital and is a model LK 201. Doe
anyone know which machine it's for?

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