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Date: Fri Jan 16 21:52:39 1998

>>And of course, I'm on the train to work and my Haddock book is at home...
>>What year was the compass?
>Compass 1100 1982 (Says it on the case as mfg. date)
>GRiDCASE 3 1985
>GRiDCASE 1535exp 1989 (At least that's what the BIOS says)
>I threw the other two in just so I could remind myself to come up with a
>timeline for the GRiD page. I'd like to find the original pricing on these
>suckers. Anyone know where to look?
Haddock says (now that I'm home) the Compass was early 1982, $6000-8000.
Doesn't mention the others.

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