Amstrads in the US

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Date: Sat Jan 17 09:02:12 1998

Well now you've done it! I actually am confused.
What do you mean by "must be derated"?
Can I use a big step up Xformer to run a monitor and computer without
risking to blow both up?
If so in what conditions?
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>> OK I'll get an EE to help me out. Did you ever used that with a monitor?
>> the 60 Hz vs 50 Hz a problem?
>>>When I went to the US recently, I built my own 110/220V converter. I
>>>found a small (10VA) transformer that had dual 120V primaries and wired
>>>these as an autotransformer. Boxed it up in small wooden box and Bob's
>>>your uncle.
>As Tony pointed out, 50/60 Hz shouldn't be a problem.
>HOWEVER, it should be pointed out that the transformer must be capable
>of carrying the power. I used a 10VA transformer to power the one or
>two devices that had 240V only. To run monitors and things, you'd need
>100VA or so. Transformers do exist for just this sort of purpose, upto
>about 2kVA, but V. heavy!
>(Rule of thumb for switchmode power supplies - Look at ower consumption
>and assume 1VA = 0.6W)
>Finally, a tranformer designed for 60Hz must be derated to a lower
>VOLTAGE when used at 50Hz.
>I hope that hasn't got you all too confused.
Francois Auradon.
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