Got an Apple IIgs

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 11:38:30 1998

>Well, I've got a comment and a question.
>1. Yes, the apple software is avaible for download, but I forget where. You
>need to copy it in a special way for it to work on disks. You might be able
>to have a serial link, etc. do it, unless you've got a Mac, which makses it
>SO easy.

It sounds like no one can remember where it can be found, I know I can't
:^( There is a Macintosh utility that is required to write the disks,
called "Disk Copy". Very handy util if you have a Mac. I ran into one
problem when I created my set of disks, I wasn't able to write them using
my PowerMac 8500/180. I ended up creating them using either my SE/30 or
Powerbook 520c, I don't remember which. Basically any cheap 68k Mac with a
1.44Mb floppy can do this.

>2. Does anyone know how to get the XGS Win32 emulator working?

Sounds obscene. You probably need the ROMs for the IIgs. No, I don't know
where or how you can get them.


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