Got an Apple IIgs

From: kroma <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 15:07:48 1998

>>>2. Does anyone know how to get the XGS Win32 emulator working?
>>Sounds obscene. You probably need the ROMs for the IIgs. No, I don't
>>where or how you can get them.
>Got 'em. But, I still can't get it working. I'll try it on my 200 MHz
"beast". (Well, compared to my former 486/66 28MB RAM 2.1GB HDD, it's
> BTW, Zane, sorry for not replying to that Linux e-mail, I've been
really busy. I'll respond soon.
> Tim D. Hotze

You still don't have it working? What problems are you having? If you want,
I'll email you a complete working version. The file should be under .5 mb.

        -- Kirk
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