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Date: Sat Jan 17 18:53:18 1998


  I'm afraid I screwed up. I finally found some other numbers on the
board. I don't know why I missed them before. I think this number is the
right one. It says "L2007" and "50-18290-02 A1". I counted the memory ICs
on the board. There's 144 of them and they look like 1 Meg chips!

  The board is roughly 10 1/2 x 8 1/2" in size and has stamped metal pull
tabs with no markings. I scanned one board and posted a picture of it at
"" If you want to see what it
looks like.


At 08:48 AM 1/17/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> > The numbers you're reading off for the boards don't make any sense. DEC
>> >numbers are typically a single letter, usually M, followed by four digits.
>> >Look on the ejector handles and the card bracket. If the board was not
>> >by DEC, it may not have this marking.
>> I can't find any number that starts with M. One card is marked " L P W
>> R digital GS-2 34888-4909" across the top edge. The second card is
>> marked " L P W R digital GS-2 03789-6028" across the top edge. But
>> both cards look the same. The other number is on a paper label. They have
>> a LOT of ICs on them marked "TC511000AJ-10". And there is a VERY large IC
>> near the center of the board. There is also a red and yellow LED on the
>> top edge.
>OK, those markings do make sense. But you're reading them off the
>PC board, not off the handles, right? The numbers we're more interested
>in would be on the "pull" handles on the edge of the board. If
>a Q-bus or Unibus board, the handles will either be:
>1. Maroon plastic, with a stamped M-number on one of the handles.
>(Unless the handle broke off!)
>2. A metal stiffener with ribs, with the M-number stamped onto one
>of the ribs.
>What's the physical size of the board? I think Bruce and I have been
>assuming that's a Unibus or Q-bus card. But it could be a special-
>purpose memory board for, say, a Vaxstation 3100.
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