From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 16 23:17:54 1998

On 15 Jan 98 at 12:18, ZGE wrote:

> Thanks for the response , the Heathkit ET 3400 is a good trainer . The kx-33b
> had only data switches and I am guessing , possibly only 16 nibbles of ram .
> Not much you could do with it but I thought it looked interesting . I once saw
> an add for it in the December 1979 issue of Popular Electronics page 117. I
> also ran across an add for the NRI computer I had mentioned earlier PE. 3\77
> Pg. 37 from the add it looks to be called a model 832 .If anyone has the
> chance to go to any computer shows\auctions lately and has seen these type of
> computers I would appreciate hearing from you .
> Frank

 I used the ET3400 when I took my digital electronics course in 82.
It was an excellent trainer. Let you to explore the innards of micros
that no real micro would allow. I still have the Heathkit
digital course and workbooks. Thank you for jogging my memory.
Time to get back to basics and see what I've learned since then.

ciao larry
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