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Date: Sun Jan 18 14:11:29 1998

> <From: Riccardo <>
> <Hmm, sorry but I thought that 77 k attachment file would not make any
> <problem (it took 45 sec. to send it).

You're right that takes that long and that is LONG for most users to
accept. My program Pegasus Mail does not show size at all. So I'm
blind to this size until I retieve next emails in a group. Nicest
thing to do: show them a web address, or offer heavy data on request
by email.

> Generally big is over 49999bytes! Most mailers that is the threshold.
> While some PC mailers will tolerate anything many do not and a lot of unix
> based mailers don't like it either.
> <You could use the "skip big messages" option that most mail program have
> <Anyway I will refrain from sending attachements to this list in future.
> not all mailers have that!
Correct, Allison. Riccardo, thanks for letting us know for not
sending anything too big by email again.

> Allison
To give you some idea, average paper I wrote in ASCII in 4 pages long
is about 3K to 4K. Performance of regular modems dribbles along
about 1.5k or less for 14.4kps on usual bad day and 28.8 is bit
faster and most of time 33.6kps is about max in most places and
trying to get 52kps is like once in blue moon. Users who have Tx or
cable modem connection can move big things in a flash if time of day
is right otherwise we're in same group as modem users.

 Jason D.
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