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Date: Sun Jan 18 16:30:17 1998

I have quite bit of parts that I do not really need.

Sell to anyone here who need one inexpensively or trade for some
PS/2 stuff.

Empty clone lunchbox with LCD VGA display and
8bit ISA LCD adapter. The lunchbox will take any two HH or one FH
drive and one 3.5" floppy bay, baby AT motherboard type. It has
internal working power supply. The case is all plastic but sturdy.
Has room for 4 ISA slots and extra internal ISA slot. Oh it does
have own keyboard that uses DIN 5 plug. I paid over 120 Cdn used for
it to find out Xwindows and Linux graphics does not work with it,
only ordinary text linux, DOS and graphical games, Win 3.x and win95
will work on that display. Appox 10lbs shipping.


One square baby AT 286 12mhz with 1mb ram two is SIPP and
other half is in 256k x 4 DIPs all 100ns, B/W AMI bios type, it will
accept user-defineable hd spec. Can accept 1mb on that one on SIPP
slots or you can hack it to take SIMM by replacing that SIPP slots
for SIMM sockets. Sorry no manual.

One generic but looked well made baby AT 386dx non-cached it takes
either 25mhz or 20mhz chip (no cpu) and the speed is selectable by a
dual oscillators jumper and does have manual for it. 8 SIMM
slots, few latches is broken but minor problem to fix this latches,

One complete 486 VLB/ISA motherboard with manual, bios is color AMI,
chpset is ALI type, require external CMOS battery, it's pre LBA type.
The cpu socket is ZIF and 5v only. Works from 25mhz - 50mhz range by
jumpers. The board will come with 1mb ET4000ax VLB card, the fast
text/game card, intel 486SX2 50 (can overclock to 66) and you
supply a good heatsink for it. 8 simm (no memory) sockets up to 32MB
max and has 256K cache installed and functioning. I have three
Pentiums already so this has to go. It does have thin white manual
for it. You will add multi-i/o card & memory to it to make it
complete. This board ran DOOM and II without crashing to prove

Hard drive:

Priam V185 MFM drive 100% tested by spinrite 3.1; level 6, defect
free with it's red LED and has black bezel, cleaned out of dust.
Pulled out of old 3COM router box (this box is gone) As IS.

Will find more parts to trade or sell later from storage.
I prefer doing here becuase I know all of guys here can use older
stuff and I'm doubtful that I could get good trade locally, the city
is appox pop 120k so it's substandard medium-small city.

Thanks for your reponses!

PS I will be able to send $7 USD to you for that HD bible, it's good
book! Have to do that tomorrow because I have another package to
send as well.

Jason D.
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