ID help (Commie, IBM, Nissho?)

From: Cliff Gregory <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 07:24:15 1998

The Vic-1541 was the disk drive with the colors of the Vic-20. These were
marketed at about the time of the introduction of the C64 and could be used
with either the Vic-20 or the C64. Internally the Vic-1541 and the original
beige Commodore 1541 (the one with the pull down door latch) are essentially
the same. The later versions of the C-1541 (flip down latch) were changed
internally with different drive moters, etc. Functionally they are all the

Is it worth $10.00 ? The Vic-1541's are somewhat more uncommon that the
C-1541's, and are in a little more demand among Commodore collectors for
that reason. I would put their value at between $10 and $20. In other
words, if I were in San Francisco I probably would have picked it up, but
it's not worth shipping across country.

Now then, should you happen across one labled "Vic-1540", you had better
grab it as they are ultra-rare. I've only heard that they exist, I've never
actually seen one. Supposedly they were introduced for a short time before
the Vic-1541 and the drive speed is set for the Vic-20, and therefore will
not work with the later Commodore machines.

Cliff Gregory

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>I know what a 1541 disk drive is, but what about a Vic-1541? Is it worth
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