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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Mon Jan 19 20:38:44 1998

At 05:17 AM 1/17/98 +0000, you wrote:
> I've got a Kaypro "portable" that I lift occasionally to keep fit
I can do better than that -- I've got a Zenith that makes the Kaypro look
pocket sized. *But* both fold up conveniently, and can be carried with one
hand. The IBM 5100 (and RS mIII, Commodore Pet, HP 85, etc.) is *not*
convenient to tote around on a regular basis.

I still maintain that any reference to portability IBM might have made
(aside from outright lie-- I mean marketing) simply refers to not needing a
moving company, air conditioning installer, electrician, etc. when moving
the office. I cannot accept that anyone at the time would have expected
someone to lug it around it with them.

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