Sinclair Kit for Sale

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 20:37:09 1998

At 09:30 PM 1/19/98 -0600, Anthony Clifton wrote:
>Yeah ok. I just report what I'm told. I'm not a salesman. I'm not an
>apologist. If you want to negotiate price with the guy contact him
>directly at I'm not making any money off them. I don't
>care if sells any. I don't care if anyone buys any.
>Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

> Cliff Gregory Wrote:
>> Seems to me these kits are still available from some distributor on the net
>> for around $30. I'll see if I can dig up the exact URL.


Sir Anthony,

I don't believe that Sir Cliff was undermining your post -- for you posted
no actual prices. All you stated was: "at what looks like an interesting

An interesting price to me is $5.00. An interesting price to another could
be $500.00. Frankly, I wouldn't pay either price right now due to lack of
spare time to actually build the kit (which is what I would do -- I *like*
trying to burn my fingers with a soldering iron (thank goodness I'm
horrible at it - the burning, that is ;-)).

I believe Cliff was just mentioning the URL just in case the Sinclair kit
that you mentioned was already gone -- there may be a source for more so
that others could enjoy them to. [Of course, I'm an optimist...]

Anyway, that's my take on this situation -- now back to the rest of my
(short) 12-hour shift.

See ya, and chin up, eh?
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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