DEC tapes & 24,000 lbs of old computers

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 16:18:52 1998


  The condition covers the whole range. Some of it is on pallets and
covered with plastic and card board and look fine. Other items look like
they stuck a forklift fork into them. I recall the Honeywell is on top of
some HP 7925 disk drives and looks fine, I had to climb to get to it. I
only saw one Honeywell but there's 2-3-4 of most of the others. Of course
everything is piled up so there's no telling what's underneath. Some of the
cabinets or the other stuff are dented but they look like there was no
damage done. It's sitting outside now but it doesn't look like it's been
there long. (No rust). I expect that half of it is still functional and
the other half could be used for parts. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! It's a
stack about 7 to 8 foot wide and at least forty feet long! Some of it is
piled 7 foot high! I didn't have anything to write with when I looked at
it, so these are only the items that I remember, there's LOTS more. I'd
only interested in the smaller HP stuff. There are a bunch of HP 7888
system expanders, 98985 and 9885 disks drive and various interfaces. BTW
what is the HP 2250? I don't think I've ever heard of it.

At 02:50 PM 1/22/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Hmm, this might be worth renting a truck and driving down there. Any
>more info on the condition of any of this? I'd be interested in VAX,
>DEC or HP equipment but don't have time/money/space for it if the
>equipment has been "chopped up" beyond repair. It would be neat to
>have a Honeywell Level 6 (if it is what I remember) but REALLY don't
>have the space for one. Let me know if you have any more details on
>any of this stuff as it would sway me one way or the other.
> On 22 Jan 98 at 15:28, Joe wrote:
>> BTW I found a HUGE pile of computer stuff today at a NASA
>> auction.
>> >>>>> 24,000 pounds <<<<<< of old computers including HP 2250,
>> somebodies system 32/2750, Vax 631, DEC RA 60(s), PDP 11/84, VAX
>> 6310, Honeywell Level 6 and lots more! No PCs in this lot, it's all
>> mainframe computer stuff. Most of it is in dumpsters and some of it
>> looks fine, other parts looks like they were opened with an axe!
>> If anyone knows what any of this stuff is or if it's worth anything
>> let me know. If you're interested in it send me an E-mail. I have
>> a couple of days to send in a bid. *****IF**** enough people are
>> interested in it and are willing to actually spent some money for it
>> (and not expect me to buy it and give it to them) then I will put in
>> a bid for it. The stuff is located near Kennedy space center in
>> Florida and you'll have to make arrangements to get the stuff before
>> Feb. 12. I **DO NOT** have the man power, time, vehicles or storage
>> to move or keep it. This stuff is listed as scrap so it will be
>> CHEAP!! probably around 12 cents per pound.
>> Joe
>David Williams - Computer Packrat
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