DEC tapes & 24,000 lbs of old computers

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 18:25:24 1998

At 05:25 PM 1/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> No PCs in this lot, it's all mainframe
>> computer stuff.
>Well, minis...anyway, the only things really special here are the S/32 (if
>it is an IBM)

  I didn't see a name only the model number that I gave you "system 32
/2750". I don't think there could have been too many companies that used
that model number.

and the Honeywell. The other things really are very common
>(OK, maybe not the HP, because I do not know what a 2250 is - it might
>be really special).

   It just might be. Even Frank doesn't know what it is!

>William Donzelli

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