Need Keyboard for DEC VT-220

From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 22:14:11 1998

> > Also got a VT220 without a keyboard. Does anyone have a working keyboard
> > they're willing to get rid of for the cost of shipping?
> I don't know if this helps, but the DECmate keyboard should work on the
> VT220. It's a standard LK201 keyboard. keyboard/monitor with the DecMate II. I'll have to look into THAT.

> > In addition, I got a big box 24 inches wide or so, a couple feet deep and
> > like 18 inches tall...called a DEC Communications Server. Not very heavy
> Sounds like a DECSA (Digital Ethernet Communications Server Aparatus, I
> think). Have you opened it up yet?
I think you're right after looking at it!
> PDP11/24 CPU card (Yes, it's a PDP11....)
> Memory (256kW seems to be somewhat standard)

Haven't looked inside yet but looking through the cooling slots it's
obvious there's a backplane and boards in there.

> DEUNA (Unibus Ethernet
card) - 2 board set

Oh REALLY?????? So, it'd drop into my 11/84 would it? Hmmmmmmm.....

> Round the back is the bulkhead for the DEUNA (the DA-15S connector is an
> ethernet AUI port) and 1 or 2 PSUs (again, you add the second one when
> you have more than 8 line cards installed).
Yep it's got that. Noticed it when I pulled it out of the car and
realized that it IS a terminal server.
> I believe it needs to download some software (using DEC's MOP protocol)
> before it will do anything much, alas. Still, it is a PDP11, and it is
> quite interesting.
Frankly, if you guys tell me I can pull the DEUNA board and drop it into
the 11/84, that would be the most valuable aspect of the box for me! =)

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
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