RL02s in dumpster

From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Fri Jan 23 11:12:46 1998

These drives take removable platters! You should be able to use them on
PDP 11s or Vaxen. You'll just need some cables and a controller. I have
an extra controller (Q bus) if you need it!


> > The other day I saw two
RL02s in a dumpster outside the UW-Madison
> surplus center. I didn't have anything to connect them to, and
> they were a bit dinged. What sort of platter is inside them?
> Should I go disassemble them to get the big platters to hang on
> the wall?
> - John

Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
Received on Fri Jan 23 1998 - 11:12:46 GMT

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