Mac development

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 19:03:29 1998

>I know that programming on the Macintosh is hell, but I would still
>like to try it, on an old one. Does anyone know where I could get
>Inside Macintosh for the Mac SE era? Also, what should I use to develop?
>I don't believe they used CodeWarrior all along! Didn't Apple sell an
As far as I know, Inside Macintosh just keeps expanding, adding new books
as new stuff comes along. For a Mac SE, just don't get the later books.
Check around at used book stores. IM is also available on CD-ROM. As for
what to use, try to dig up old software, there's Lightspeed Pascal(aka
THINK Pascal), Microsoft Basic, I think Microsoft also had something for C
on the older Macs. If you just want to go D/L something of the net, there
are a lot of shareware/freeware programs out there that run on older Macs.
You just have to look a little harder... As for Apple, I know they had
something, I just don't remember what it was.

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