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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Sat Jan 24 01:49:33 1998

Uncle Roger wrote:
> At 11:07 PM 1/21/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >>I'll leave this public since it might be useful to someone...I'm 29 now
> >>but when I was 16 or 17 my parents expended GREAT energy trying to get me
> >Well, I AM 17, and I'm up to 30 computers or so... Let me see if I can
> >remember them all, my web site is a partial listing.
> One other item that was pointed out to me in the collectibles forum of
> Compuserve -- teenagers who collect things rarely get into trouble. You
> don't see them spending money on drugs or liquor or whathaveyou, and they
> don't often end up in jail. (Yes, I'm an exception, but I wasn't actively
> collecting anything in high school.)

What exception? In high school I actively collected science fiction
books since computers weren't affordable yet to a high school kid -- I
wore a slide rule on my belt because (1) I used it (2) that honestly was
the easiest way to carry a Pickett and (3) the HP-35 came out in my
junior year of high school priced about $395.00 more than I had on hand.

But I've done my share of drugs, not much -- at my wasted peak back when
I was in the USAF [74-78], I sometimes did cannabis twice in a month --
I'm not fond of it since it has the effect of reducing my paranoia and as
an Angeleno presently exiled to New Jersey -- I'll move home when salt
has been sown in the ruins of Sacramento I _like_ being aware of what's
behind me; and I still do my share of liquor, mostly in the form of beer,
although I did have a keyboard ruined once when a cat jumped onto it
upsetting a can of Midnight Dragon Ale on the way, but it was just a
nameless cheap PC compatible keyboard (if crap like that becomes
collectible except by _weird_ specialists, I'm going back to slide rules,
though I still have the inert hardware) and yes, I've ended up in jail a
time or two, though never for crimes against persons or property -- an
activist takes his risks and knows what the risks are.

I've been addressing you as _Uncle_ Roger and you're _ten years_ younger
than I am? I better go take a nap. People my age shouldn't be
processing their email at almost three in the morning, especially if they
got up for work at the previous six AM.
Ward Griffiths
Dylan:  How many years must some people exist, 
			before they're allowed to be free?
WDG3rd:  If they "must" exist until they're "allowed",
			they'll never be free.
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