PDP-8/Es available - status

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Sat Jan 24 11:46:00 1998

A status report...

I have no further information about when the great haul is going to
happen. Perhaps Monday a few more details will be sorted out.
Also, quite a few people have asked for one of the machines. In fact, it
seems to be more that when Jim initially posted the news! Anyway, three of
the machines are spoken for, leaving two. One of the remainders _may_ be
missing boards. I am not entirely certain how to handle all of the
incoming requests and picking out two winners. I am leaning towards giving
priority to those that originally responded to Jim's post, when we thought
it would be only three machines.

I wish there was one for every one of you, but there is not.

Also, some have asked what will be available with this haul. In short, we
are not sure! I can only say that I will do a good inventory once the
stuff is in my possession. Leftovers will be posted to the list, and I can
ship them out to interested parties.

William Donzelli
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