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Date: Sat Jan 24 12:29:37 1998

From: Cord Coslor <>
Subject: Re: Some classic finds!
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I just tried her e-mail address, and it doesn't seem to be correct. That
what she told me, though. Anyway, the phone # is correct. I will try to
the correct e-mail address for her soon!.


Cord Coslor wrote:

> Today a lady in SE Oklahoma called me, and says she just picked up quite
> a few things at a local vo-tech auction.
> 3) Some type of Commodore suitcase portable????

  That is a Commodore SX 64, a portable (read 'luggable') 64 with
built-in 5" color monitor and 1541 disk drive. Quite a handy unit....


From: "Max Eskin" <>
Subject: Mac development

> I know that programming on the Macintosh is hell, but I would still
> like to try it, on an old one. Does anyone know where I could get
> Inside Macintosh for the Mac SE era? Also, what should I use to develop?
> I don't believe they used CodeWarrior all along! Didn't Apple sell an
> IDE?

  Well there ia also a great BASIC for the Mac, Future BASIC, by Staz
Software, It can run under system 6 with 1 meg of RAM and has the
runtime modules to make such things as applications, cdevs, inits, etc.
Supports probably all the system functions in Inside Macintosh...
(lists most of em too). Good documentation (large manuals), help on the
internet, and can make good commercial quality stuff... It is still
hell though, alot of memory management, but it is for a good reason.
New, it is about $200.00, but worth it if you want to do some serious

  Back then (SE times) it was probably Think C, which I belive is now
owned by Symantec..

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